~~Pathena Fund has successfully concluded a 3 million Euros investment in TNI medical AG, Würzburg, Germany.

TNI medical AG develops, produces, and sells devices for respiratory therapy, for both clinical intensive and inpatient care as well as for home care use. 

With the newly introduced TNI®softFlow systems, TNI medical AG maximizes patient comfort with provision of full respiratory support, leading to greater cost efficiencies. According to TNI medical AG CEO Ewald Anger, “With our new TNI®softFlow systems we are able to comply clinical requirements and to continue the following homecare therapy identically and safe”.

The clinical studies indicate that the TNI high flow product has a better patient outcome than traditional facemask therapy as it reduces CO2 retention and decreases respiratory workload.

The diseases primarily treated with the TNI®systems in adults are COPD and ILD as well as prematures and newborns suffering from IRDS, BPD, Bronchiolitis and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

COPD is a chronic, incurable disease and one of the world’s fastest growing ones.  Roughly 600 MIL people worldwide suffer from COPD according to the WHO; it causes every 3rd death in the Europe and every 4th death in the US.  Market size is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion for devices alone (TNI’s specific space).