Having over 11 years of health organizations leadership  he was awarded Best Leader Award in 2013.

Working in healthcare since his graduation in medicine in 1984,  he obtained his PhD in medicine from Porto University in 2001.

After 20 years in clinical practice and doing clinical investigation (with over 40 papers published in peer review journals) he decided to accept the challenge of embracing a career in hospital administration and health policy making. His performance in this area led the Ministry of Health to appoint him as coordinator of the committee for the hospital reform of the Ministry of Health. Previously he was a member of the committee for medicines of the Ministry of Health and coordinator of the group for the reform of the medical residency of the Ministry of Health. In 2014 he published a book on the reform of the Portuguese health system. His actions led the President of the Portuguese Republic to grant him the commendation of the Order of Merit. The cities of Porto and Paredes also granted him their gold medals.

He is currently dedicated to teaching and is particularly interested  in the development and implementation of new information.