Carlos serves as An Advisory Board Member of Pathena.

He has an entrepreneurial and visionary spirit with experience in entrepreneurship and innovation, management and public policies for innovation.

Carlos is the former Secretary of State for Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation at the Portuguese Government.

In 2000 Carlos founded MobiComp, a startup in the mobile services arena, and led the company as CEO until July 2008 when he sold the company to Microsoft. His work included building the company product strategy, driving sales and growing the company. 
Carlos has a consumer-centric perspective with experience in management, strategic planning, and business development for the mobile and wireless industries.

Carlos also founded several other startups and worked as an executive at Microsoft and as an angel/VC investor.

Carlos regularly speaks at industry events as well as contributing to print, radio and television media.

Carlos has a degree in Systems Engineering from Minho University. He has done the PAGETTI post-graduate study at Universidade Católica Portuguesa