Jean-Frédéric is a medical oncologist and a pharmacologist with 29 years of experience in drug discovery/development in the biotech/ pharma world. He started his career in France in hospital and private practice, then joined Pfizer in New York in early clinical research, later expanded his responsibilities to medical operations acting in many countries in International (Europe/Asia). He then moved as Director at Pfizer Corporate Licensing and BD group in charge of oncology and created the first “oncology team” at Pfizer. Finally  he was a vice president of a Pfizer subsidiary.

After retiring from Pfizer Jean-Frédéric has been a co-founder and CMO of Del Mar in San Diego focusing on metabolism, co founder CEO and chairman of the board at Balonco in Basel, Switzerland, developing peptides in cancer and in 2013, COO at Mediapharma in Rome Italy developing monoclonocal antibodies, bispecifics and ADCs  in immunooncology.

Since 2010 Jean-Frédéric has been the Director of development and valorization, translational research at Institut Paoli & Calmettes, a private not for profit comprehensive cancer research centre in Marseille France, he is also the Director of IPC Drug Discovery and has been instrumental in the spin-off of start-up companies. Jean-Frédéric is the holder of several patents on compounds in the area of oncology, metabolic disorders and CNS. He is member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and member of the American Association of Cancer Research.

More recently Jean-Frédéric has been working in “transverse and frontiers areas” around oncology involving drug discovery, diagnostics and “point of care”, artificial intelligence/digital health and bioelectronics. He is a member of scientific advisory Board ABREOS Biosciences, San Diego California, US, a company developing innovative point of care, diagnostics and assay development for biologics drugs.