HUUB is a logistics and tech platform for Fashion brands.

It supports all sales channels: eCommerce, wholesale, own and franchising stores and marketplaces. Combines tracking, returns and customer support services to deliver a distinctive customer experience. Also provides seamless integrations with eCommerce platforms and shipping providers to create an ecosystem that simplifies hard and manual processes.

HUUB's global presence is shown by the number of brands quickly acquired across the globe. More than 33 brands, from 3 continents, in Fashion & eCommerce industries, already have their full supply chain being orchestrated by HUUB.

It is a data driven company, being Artificial Intelligence one of the core competences. An optimization model is managing the complex supply chain of its brands. It takes decisions about stock allocation across channels, inventory levels in each Hub/RDC, resources and capacity allocation in the network. HUUB applies Machine Learning models to do forecasting and logistics operations, p.e. pack set optimization.