• I have known Antonio Murta and Jorge Bras for more than 5 years. My dealings with them have been both as an acquisition target when I was seeking to add volume and value in Europe to the retail capability of Wipro and also as colleagues once they became part of the company. What stands out in their dealings at all stages is passion and commitment. This combined with a very down to earth and humble nature will help them guide many entrepreneurs and startups to success. I wish Antonio, Jorge and Pathena the very best in their new venture.
    Sudip Nandy, CEO


  • I have had the opportunity to work with Antonio, Jorge and the Pathena team for over 5 years. They have proven themselves as true world-class serial entrepreneurs, and now bring that “experience-capital” to other entrepreneurs along with the “financial-capital”, to be true knowledge investments for the portfolio companies.
    Dave Darsh, Founder and CEO Coach

    CEO - Collaborative Forum

  • A friend of mine, that I value a lot, often says that it's not enough to have money, It needs to be smart money. Pathena is a "smart money" investment firm; I hope it will continue to be like that for a long, long time. A small fund with very smart money.
    Daniel Bessa, Director-Geral


  • For Vortal, Pathena provides a partnership that offers much more than a smart and specialized VC firm. By seamlessly teaming with our Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors, Pathena has become a very active investor. They provide us with a deeper knowledge in growth strategies that open doors to a more comprehensive body of experts and international opportunities. In partnering with Vortal, Pathena more than doubles our speed of growth with a significant decrease in risk and costs.
    Rui Dias Ferreira, CEO


  • What’s different about Pathena is that they are not just an investor, but an active promoter, at every stage they have access to highly skilled people.
    Keith Gibson