The Southern Connector has signed a 5 year contract with BIT Mobility Solutions (BIT), a subsidiary of the BRISA Group (Portugal), with total value of $ 2 million.

Southern Connector needed to adopt a new back office system for improved effectiveness and efficiency in revenue collection and to minimize toll violations.


The 16-mile long Southern Connector Toll Road in South Carolina, USA, currently operates 16 lanes - 4 Open Road Tolling (ORT) , 4 Automated Coin Machine (ACM) and 8 manuals - in both main plazas and 4 tolled ramp lanes with both ORT and ACM systems in place. Operations are done using a team of 28 collectors and supervisors working in shifts.

BIT Mobility Solutions capabilities in technological solutions for tolling and operation management systems were put to action, supplying a new Tolling back office and requalifying roadside equipment, involving both integration of legacy components and supply of new subsystems.

This solution includes: Integration services; Digital cameras; Vehicle classification system; Lane controllers; License Plate recognition system; New Backoffice; Image Review system.

This project faces a challenge to BMS once it requests a fully dedicated team of highly skilled engineers in order to design, develop and install a new solution allowing a smooth migration from a manual license plate recognition process to a fully automatic system in order to fit the main Southern Connector’s request: Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its revenue collection and reduce violations.