HUUB, a Portuguese startup that manages logistics for fashion brands, has just raised an early-stage investment of €2.5 million. The round was led by the Portuguese venture capital firm Pathena.

HUUB provides product management, stocking, order fulfillment, and packing and shipping, among other services, for ecommerce fashion platforms.

“We want to be orchestrators and lead the fashion ecosystem on a sustainable-basis demanded by the industry," said Luís Roque, the CEO of HUUB. "This partnership with Pathena, which has led the biggest exits in Portugal, is another step towards our disruptive vision and establishes us as relevant players in the European supply chain scene”.

The startup plans to use the new funding to invest in marketing and sales, hire new staff, and scale its operations.

"To scale the business we need to expand our landscape of integrations, both with logistics partners specialized in markets that we are targeting and more ecommerce and marketplace platforms," added Roque, who said that HUUB intends to grow its business to represent 200 brands.